Why nopcommerce

Why use nopCommerce? * easy to use * many features, some of them are not even available in many Proprietary software which are priced $$$$ * developed in true opensource nature - the nop team is open to discussion / suggestion and criticism and improves nopCommerce very well * most stable, reliable and bug free opensource e-commerce solution (I can't remember a single bug which was reported and not fixed immediately by incredible nop team!) * nopCommerce can be used as a platform rather than a simple e-commerce script * can be easily modified and in lesser time compared to other competitive cart solution (like magento & prestashop) because its architecture is very well defined, is predictable * active and growing community support * nopCommerce can be scaled very easily to support millions of products * works very well on Dot Net framework using the latest components * nopCommerce is updated regularly by the nop team with new features, and all the updates / new revisions are more and more reliable * nopCommerce is the only opensource e-commerce solution with multi-vendor and multi-store features! * nopCommerce is modular and is easy to customize and extend using a plugin * developing / customizing nopCommerce theme is very easy * many plugins, add-on modules and theme options are already available (although options in themes are still very less compared to other e-commerce solution) * all of above means - lesser total cost of ownership for e-commerce retailers using nopCommerce * It is the only well featured shopping cart in .Net MVС framework. The rest are in .net core * It the most popular e-commerce open source application in .Net and one of the featured applications in the Windows App Gallery